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"Quite apart from the wonderfully practical physical conditioning Diana facilitates with her classes, by being her consistent, fearless, experimental and still reliable self, has drawn my attention to such potential in me. As a result, without any effort, I see myself cultivating such qualities out of sheer interest. Because they bring vitality and make me feel alive. And Diana always gives me the feeling that I’m doing the same for her, by just being who I am."

       Sonja Stewart

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"I have worked with Diana for many years and find the Zoom Stretch and Strength class terrific. Diana’s program wakes up every part of your body from small to large muscles. She understands each person’s individual needs and sore spots and makes suggestions for adaptation such that no one ever feels out of place. Everyone gets a great workout. The environment is very pleasant, and Diana continues to find more variations on exercises she thinks might help to ensure the classes are dynamic.

       Noreen Nisker


"Although I now have a chronic disease, I am lucky enough to not suffer the body aches and pains that many others have. However, I am enjoying the stretches, weights that keep many parts of my body limber. I am feeling good now….don’t know if it is the THB program or the infusions that I am taking, or both."

        Anne Weldrick

Chy_Testimonial Photo.jpg

I’ve taken countless classes at numerous gyms with all kinds of different instructors, and I can honestly say that Diana’s Stretch and Strength class is one of my all-time favourites. Initially, I wasn’t really sure it was doing anything, because it was so relaxing and gentle on my body . . . and some of the stretches even gave me the same feeling as a massage!!  However, as the weeks went by, there was no question that my mobility and overall well-being were much improved.  Quite simply - I just felt better! Diana is great at asking for feedback and doing additional research to address specific issues and keep the class interesting.  Her expertise and supportive engagement along with her commitment to helping her clients age well and have been life-giving to me during this last year and a half.  Thank-you Diana, for being so great at what you do!

           Chy Lui

Jane Kershaw.jpeg

"It took me years to find my fitness groove. No matter the gyms joined, fees paid, resolutions made, nothing connected until I met Diana — the best trainer anyone could ever wish for — who teaches with grace and energy from a place of empathy, observation and knowledge. Classes have a supportive, inclusive vibe. I love the specificity and flow of the exercises and sequences; and the chance to fine-tune form and technique through practise. And even though we’re mapping our progress as individuals there’s the fun and energy derived from feeling like we’re all in sync* — pursuing our strong, flexible ‘happy’ bodies together. It’s such a great program. 

Diana, attending your Stretch class way back in 2015 provided the spark. Activated at last! From then to now, and for all the training that has followed — thank you!"

       Jane Kershaw

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It is rare to meet a person like Diana who has had a life-long passion for healthy exercise, cares for people as much as she does and has both a gift and a passion for helping others age with physical and mental grace. She simply goes above and beyond in learning what works and helping others, individually or in groups, maintain and improve their physical and mental health. She has helped many of us look forward to quality exercise sessions while also enjoying the opportunity to interact socially with others, and thanks to her, the group dynamics have also been special. Those participating in her Happy Body classes all agree that we have become a community that wouldn’t exist if not for Diana. Not to mention that her Happy Body program is one of the best for achieving flexibility as well as strength and aerobic benefits.

         Evan Merritt

Mark&LindyMandelbaum_For Testimonial.jpg

Lindy and I have been biking with Diana for over a year now. Diana was great at teaching us how to navigate the bike lanes to get around Toronto as well as the great bike routes along the Humber, Don Valley and of course, the Martin Goodman Trail. We also joined bike trips to Niagara-on-the-Lake and Collingwood, among others.
Diana was great and very patient in teaching us good biking techniques as well as important bike safety rules. We really enjoyed our biking excursions and have lots more on the agenda.

 Mark & Lindy Mandelbaum


“After following the incremental steps of Happy Body, I now move through my life with greater confidence as my strength and posture have improved. Diana constantly monitors to mitigate against injury and adjusts exercises to accommodate limitations. After years of struggling with back issues I now, at 72 years, walk straight with confidence! Living proof that a senior body can change for the better!”

       Marie Schommer


"My physical training experience with Diana goes back seven years, first in a group general fitness program, and in more recent years in her THB class. In addition to her considerable knowledge of physiology and ability to instruct, she brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to every class I have ever attended. Her motivational skills have encouraged me to attend her classes with regularity which has dramatically increased my fitness level. In addition she practices what she preaches; I know of no one as fit as she is."

       Michael Stewart

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