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Aging well:
staying strong,
feeling great,
and connecting with others!  

Online and in-person personal training, online fitness classes, and social activities for the 55+ community.




Go! Conditioning came to life as Diana approached her 50th birthday. She knew it was more than just exercise and eating habits, but being a part of a supportive community.

And most importantly, conditioning one’s mind to be accepting of one’s strengths and
limitations, in order to make the best of both.

Diana has been in the gym for over 40 years and in the fitness industry for over 15. Her
certifications encompass Personal Training, Active Aging, Bonefit, TRX Suspension Training, Functional Assessment, The Happy Body and more. She’s been an avid cyclist most of her life and an urban cyclist for the past 35 years. A love of exploring the bike trails was born during the pandemic.

Diana has embraced The Happy Body training technique for the value it has brought to her overall well-being and that of her clients.

While you can’t turn back the clocks, you can look better, feel younger and be stronger at any age and with Diana’s help you will get there!


Go! Personal & Group Training

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Personal Training:

We all want to remain strong, stand tall, and have the courage to try new things. Some one-on-one support can go a long way. Diana will be by your side, working with you, encouraging you to Go! for it!

Online Group Training:

The Happy Body


The Happy Body (THB) is a unique style of strength training helping you improve the qualities of youthfulness: flexibility, strength, speed, leanness, and posture. It’s a proven, efficient, and mindful approach to exercise with the promise to make you better over time. As a THB mentor, Diana continues to train with co-creators, Aniela and Jerzy Gregorek, world champion weightlifters and extraordinary human beings. There’s a variety of online classes. See schedule for times.

Stretch & Strength


A full body stretch and strength class working you from head-to-toe while incorporating Essentrics, yoga, ballet and basic stretching techniques. This hour-long class will improve your posture, balance and co-ordination, increase your range of motion, release muscle tension, strengthen your core and progress flexibility. It’s a very dedicated and welcoming group of individuals. There’s a variety of online classes. See schedule for times.



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Mondays thru Fridays:  6:45 – 7:45am


Mondays thru Saturdays*:  9 - 10am


*NB: Classes are cancelled on Saturday during July & August 


Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

THB Strength: Develop your strength and flexibility, working towards progress rather than perfection, one micro-progression at a time, to avoid injury. 


Tuesday & Thursday

THB Flow: Increase your flexibility and speed by flowing from lift to stretch and relaxing into the full body experience.



THB Form: Follow a slow, compelling, count as you relax into the movement of each exercise, finding comfort in your breath-work and the rhythm of your body to improve form.






             Full Body Stretch & Strength




Monday, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturday*: 11am – 12noon


A mat and theraband is used in every class. A dowel or chair is required on occasion. You can purchase dowels for a minimal amount at your local hardware store. 


*NB:  Classes are cancelled on Saturdays during July & August 

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Drop-in Classes: $15 / class +HST

2 classes / week: $25 / week +HST

3 classes / week: $30 / week +HST

Unlimited classes / week: $35 / week +HST


Personal Training:


60 min: $95 / hour +HST

45 min: $80 / 45 min +HST

30 min: $65 / 30 min +HST


60 min: $80 / hour +HST

45 min: $65 / 45 min +HST

30 min: $50 / 30 min +HST



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